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Welcome to Regency Commercial Finance
We have been helping businesses to raise the required finance for over 15 years.

Regency is based in Cheltenham, a regional centre for business and commerce, here we have developed very strong relationships with finance houses, merchant banks and specialist financiers.
There can be many different ways of raising finance, we have the experience of assisting start-ups and restructuring finance as well as the more traditional established business.

Here at Regency we pride ourselves with providing a high quality service to clients whilst at the same
time minimising the length of time that any credit committee will take to make a decision.

Our objective is to manage a proposal from start to finish and to build a long-term relationship with the client.
Do you have an Overdraft - The Brumark Case
The court established that a bank must be able to demonstrate that it can control the collection of the debts, prior to claiming a fixed charge.

In essence this means that the bank now has a floating charge over the book debts and preferential creditors have first claim in a receivership.
The banks are now  assessing all of their clients and looking for extra  security where appropriate  usually this in an extended personal guarantee or further charge over a personal home/asset.

For clients who could find themselves in this position it might be appropriate to consider factoring
or asset finance, giving up to 90% against debtors and a chattel mortgage against an unencumbered asset.

Many of the high street  banks are encouraging their customers to talk to their  own factoring arm, they are not always very competitive.

We can therefore help source a more appropriate solution at competitive rates.
Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme
Small firms with viable business proposal which have  tried and failed to obtain conventional loan, either because of lack of security or business track record may be able to obtain finance under SFLGS.  By providing a DTI backed guarantee against  default borrowers, the scheme enables high street banks to lend between £5,000 and £250,000 to new and existing businesses. Before applying for any form of finance, potential borrowers should have carefully considered the needs of their business. What is the money needed for? Will it be used for working capital or  project development costs?   Have all kinds of finance available and the costs been investigated?

The above scheme has proved to be very successful for a variety of businesses and industry sectors.
Vehicle Finance Save up to 50% on key Financial Products
Regency offers a full range of financial products to corporate organisations and individuals, including hire purchase, lease purchase,  contract hire, personal contract hire and personal contract purchase.
We can source the best deal for you from the most competitive funders.
Have you taken out in the last 5 years any of the following -

Keyman Assurance
Life Assurance
Critical Illness

If so you are probably paying up to
50% more than you have to as premiums have dropped dramatically.
We can introduce you to a firm of Independent Financial Advisors who have advised many of our clients.
Case Study
The directors of a newly formed Plastic Recycling Business found traditional paths rather limiting and frustrating and could not obtain interest from the traditional Banks, they then contacted a firm of highly regarded accountants for help who immediately called us in.
We managed to negotiate a complete leasing facility  for all the new equipment and facilitated the whole process from start to Finish.  Part of the funding also included a flexible factoring facility, this
helped raise the deposit for the leasing transaction and it gave the business immediate cash.
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